Deep Sea Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Where else can you target deep water marlin, tuna and other gamefish within a stone’s throw of land?

Good deep sea fishing in the Cayman Islands is available all year round, often as close as a few hundred yards offshore, where the ocean floor rapidly drops as much as 800 feet before disappearing into the inky deep of the Cayman Trench that surrounds the islands at depths of 20,000 feet or more.

This unique geography creates a natural thoroughfare for the big migratory pelagic species anglers are looking for, species that are usually found many miles offshore in the middle of the ocean and take hours for a charter boat to get to. With depths this close to shore, anglers can spend more time fishing and far less getting to and from fishing grounds.

Chartering one of Grand Cayman’s fleet of modern, well-equipped sports fishing boats will cost about $500 for a half-day, up to US$1,200 for a full day. Cayman Islands fishing charters can accommodate everyone from the most avid angler looking to catch that giant blue marlin (the heaviest fish ever caught in Cayman waters was a 250lb blue marlin) right down to families who want to spend an afternoon getting their kids hooked into some small mahi-mahi, black-fin tuna, and everything in between.

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