What To Expect On A Cayman Islands Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Opportunities abound for a busy day of fishing in the deep sea, with minimal time spent travelling from one fishing spot to another.

The three low-lying islands of the Cayman chain are actually the tops of an underwater mountain range on the edge of a 20,000-foot plunge to the bottom of the Cayman Trench, the deepest point in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are protected by a ring of reefs and a 2,500-footdropoff just a quarter-mile offshore that are the demarcation line between the beach and the bluewater depths further out.

With trench, dropoff, reefs and beach so close together, opportunities abound for a busy day of fishing in the deep sea, with minimal time spent travelling from one fishing spot to another.

Most of the Cayman Islands’ boat charter companies offering deep sea fishing are concentrated on Grand Cayman. It’s the biggest island and is where most of the population lives. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are smaller and much quieter but still offer the great deep sea fishing that the region is famous for.

Game fish such as blue and white marlin, yellow and blackfintuna, mahimahi, barracuda and wahoo can be caught year-round while deep sea fishing in Grand Cayman, but summer months of June and July are the peak of activity. While fish are not enormous (the record for marlin in the Cayman Islands is 250 pounds, with an average catch weight of 150 pounds), they are plentiful and the grounds can be reached and fished comfortably within a half-day charter.Marlin strikes occur as close as a quarter mile offshore.

Well-known local charter company Get Bent Charters won the blue marlin jackpot at the annual Cayman Islands international fishing tournament in both 2018 and 2019. Get Bent Charters offers four, six and eight-hour charters for up to 10 people on deep sea trips, as well as tailor-made excursions.

No fishing licence is needed on a registered Cayman Islands charter, but there are restrictions on catch. It is forbidden to remove sharks, rays and Goliath Grouper and illegal to fish within a mile of grouper spawning areasbetween November and March. As a conservation measure, Get Bent Charters also releases all billfish that are caught, as well as all fish that are not edible or large enough to keep.

For families or groups with diverse fishing interests and skills, a combination trip ensures a bit of everything — a couple of hours deep sea fishing for the adrenaline junkies, followed by a trip inside the reef to visit the stingrays, do a spot of gentle reef fishing and maybe some snorkelling. If you’ve been lucky fishing, the crew can prepare and cook your catch right on board.

A boat charter for deep sea fishing in Grand Cayman will include all fishing equipment, bait and refreshments as part of the charter package. Boats often come with an air-conditioned cabin as well as a sundeck, covered area and often free wi-fi.

The captain and crew will use all their local knowledge to ensure you are in the right place, using the right equipment and techniques, to maximize your chances of a successful fishing expedition. Local captains and fishing guides are happy to welcome anglers of all capabilities, whether serious sportsmen or absolute novices.

Current advertised charter rates for Cayman Islands deep sea fishing can vary from $1,300 to $2,500 per full day, depending on the charter company. Shop around for the best deal.


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