Six Top Business Events to Organize on a Yacht in The Cayman Islands

Why not hold your next business event on a super sleek, expensive yacht to raise the level of excitement and provide something beyond the ordinary?

Think of a company event and you might well recall every miserable annual staff dinner in a dreary function room with rubber chicken, a two-drink maximum and the local wedding singer eviscerating the hits of yesteryear in an ill-fitting tuxedo.

Business does not have to be like this. A corporate event can be much more than an annual gathering for staff to get to meet Janice from Accounts’ strange husband with the porcelain frog collection. (Yes he has photos to prove it. Many, many photos.) Just because it has the word corporate in it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A well-organized corporate event can suit any number of purposes – from a team-building paintball massacre in a derelict factory to a skydiving party to launch a company’s latest brand.

The location is just as important as the purpose. A shareholder meeting in a restaurant or hotel function room shows a serious lack of imagination when there are so many other available venues that will turn a dull business day into a memorable and fun event.

The boat charter business in the Cayman Islands is a busy sector with plenty of choices. So, how about holding your next event on a super sleek, expensive yacht to raise the level of excitement and provide something beyond the ordinary? It’s not that expensive, relatively, and there are a host of things that work as well – or even better – on board as they do on land. Here are a half-dozen simple ideas to get you started:

Seminars/Conferences Beyond the agenda, beyond the brilliant keynote speaker, you need something to generate excitement and make your event unforgettable. Hosting your conference on the water will certainly do that. A top-class audio/visual system and professional catering will make it memorable.

Executive Retreats/Incentive Programs What better incentive can you think of to motivate staff than a yacht cruise with all the trappings of luxury? Planning an unusual and fun event onboard a corporate boat charter gives extra value to any incentive or rewards program and perfectly dovetails business and entertainment goals.

Product Launches Everybody loves a freebie. A launch party on a yacht for your company’s newest product or service will generate media coverage and industry buzz prior to a public release. Grand Cayman water sports are world-famous, so why not take full advantage and build up the informal party atmosphere where your guests are able to make merry both in and on the water.

Staff/Customer Appreciation This all about fun and celebration. A cruise on a luxury yacht is the perfect recipe for a party that will be talked about for a long time to come. Your office workers and important customers will relish the opportunity to enjoy the open sea and refreshing breezes that a private boat charter in Grand Cayman offers.

Team-Building Anything that gets people cooperating to achieve something nobody has much experience with is a sure-fire way to build teamwork and cooperation. How about a day on a sailing yacht? There is no better way to sharpen your team’s communication and cooperative skills than having them learn and work together as a crew sailing a luxury yacht.

Board/Shareholder Meetings Get your board members on a luxury yacht for a day and watch your reputation soar. Bring your senior executives and let them amuse themselves on board while the meeting is in progress and have them mingle with directors and shareholders after the meeting. It’s a great way to network, improve the channels of communication and impress your high-rolling investors.

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